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KBK will keep your valuable
intellectual property.

KBK was established as KIMS INTERNATIONAL Patent & Law Office and for 40 years, we served as an intellectual Property specialty office. Meanwhile, KBK keeps growing up in quality and scale. Currently we have over 140 fully experienced specialists in appropriate subject. All of our specialists try their best for safety of clients’ right.

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KBK aims for safety of clients' right and improvement by sepecialization and intenationalization.

​​​​​​​KBK has professional team for each specialty area (Patent, Utility Model, Trademark, Design, Copyright, etc.) and with full experience, we provide the best service by applying it to business, lawsuit, and negotiation.

Also, we consider keeping the intellectual property safe, which is very crucial, not only for domestic, but also for foreign intellectual property, therefore, KBK has foreign professional specialist including patent agents and lawyers, and we have established partnership with many other foreign law firms all over the world.

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KBK Provides the
best service for clients

KBK suggests proper strategy to keep intellectual property safe for clients, and we provide the best service for you to establish a powerful intellectual property portfolio. Lastly, KBK will promise you that we will always keep growing up together with you.